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Our Services

We design and build edible gardens from Whangarei to Warkworth.     027 444 2970


Plan your garden

It starts with a no-obligation chat so we can understand your needs. The project might be small (such as the assembly of kitset raised garden bed) or you might require us to do a customised design and build. We can do as little - or as much - as you require. 

The next step is a visit, so we can view your garden site, discuss options and agree on a plan. After that we email you a written quote. 

Let's chat!  Email or phone/txt 027 444 2970.


Creating your garden

After we have agreed on a plan and the quote, we get it done!

Your garden site might need raised garden beds, in-ground sunken garden edges, small retaining walls, or a fully enclosed possum-proof caged garden. It depends on the land, the sun, and your preferences. 

We can resurrect neglected overgrown gardens or create new ones.


Preparing the soil

To grow a successful garden, you need the right soil conditions.


We discuss the layers of the garden substrate based on your plant requirements, source the materials and create the space, and layer it with the most productive mix of compost and fertilisers, so that your plants get the best start in life.


Selecting suitable plants & seedlings

To set up your vegetable garden for success, it is important to select a suitable combination of plants, and plant them with appropriate spacing. The quality of plants can vary across different nurseries. Many customers supply their own plants or we can supply from our trusted network of suppliers, this gives you peace of mind that we reject any plants we receive that aren't up to our quality standard.


Maintenance advice

We provide advice on maintaining your new vege garden, so you can keep it productive and healthy. Get your kids involved and teach them skills that will last them a lifetime.


Pest control

It is not just you who likes fresh vegetables - so do others. When problems happen... snails, moths, possums... we have a pest control advice service if you need some help to pest-proof your garden.



On request, we can design and build other aspects of your garden such as paths to make it all match in.


Garden help desk

If you have an unexpected problem - such as yellow leaves, a strange fungus turning up - we can provide advice remotely via phone, txt, or Zoom.


If you need an in-person solution then we do home visits by appointment in 1 hour increments (plus travel time). 

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