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Wow... we are busy right now!

Thanks for visiting VegeBuild. We are fully booked on other jobs.

If you wish to inquire about booking a build/product for delivery next month, please phone Steve on 027 444 2970 or email him on  steve@vegebuild.nzApologies for any inconvenience. Thanks!

We make it easy to grow your own food

Ready made gardens: upcycled planter boxes & pre-cut raised garden beds.

Custom builds: we can create garden planters to your specifications.

VegeBoost range: pet-safe solutions for pest control & 100% natural fertilizers.

View our range online or at our showroom near Kaiwaka (by appointment)

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Buy planter boxes or ask us for custom spec garden beds.


Pet-safe pest control
and natural fertilizers


Why grow your own food?

There are so many reasons to grow your own food:

  • Eat healthier

  • Enjoy better tasting, fresher produce

  • Spend less at the supermarket

  • Be more self-sufficient

  • Teach your children skills they will find useful for a lifetime

Start today - let's chat.

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About us

Our goal at Vege Build is to make it easy for you to get started - by helping you to set up an edible garden so you can grow your own food.


We have 17 years experience in creating all sorts of gardens for clients.


Let's chat about your edible garden goals!

Email me or phone/txt 027 444 2970

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